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  • Name: Philipp Kobl

An easy decision: Mediadesigner digital and print

After the Abitur (~German highschool graduation) I started directly with the employment for becoming mediadesigner digital and print at the Koessinger AG in September 2011. As I already was completely sure to learn this job, it wasn't a difficult decision at all. While the employment that took three years, i was able to collect really much experience. While my job at work contained mainly fields like datacheck, layouting of magazines and design for costumers and company intern purposes, I was able to gain even more knoledge about design, technology and business administration. Next to the employment I also had the possibility to work on all kind of projects. From print products and logos all the way to websites, this was an amazing experience. This helped me winning already two competitions at the website crowdsite.de and two creative competitions of the Pleasure Snowboard Magazine.

Always keep going: Study to become Bachelor of Science in Engineering and an internship in New Zealand

After my employment went successfully, the next decision was staying at the company or to studying at a university. After I did some research, I decided to apply for the study Mediatechnology and -design at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria Campus Hagenberg, because this gave me the possibility to learn widely varied knowledge. After acceptance test, interview and presenting the portfolio were successful, I finally started studying in September 2014. Since then, I was able to perfect my already gained knowledge and to learn many new techniques. The internship that was part of the bachelor made me go to a production studio in New Zealand. I was really happy to have the opportunity of participating in this degree.

Fine-tuning: Master of Arts degree in Multimedia Arts

In October 2017 I started the Masters degree Multimedia Art with focus Media Design in Salzburg. This will give me the possibility to drive my skills to perfection.

Did I forget something?

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